Physics-based Super-Accuracy Molecular Dynamics Simulation Integrated With Artificial Intelligence Algorithms To Solve Biophysics Problems in Living Cells

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2023.4. Grant awarded: 과학기술정보통신부

2023.3. Papers accepted: Nature Communications

2022. Paper accepted: Soft Matter

2021.8. Paper accepted: Nucleic Acids Research


2021.03. Grant awarded: 과학기술정보통신부


2020.09. Grant awarded: 한국연구재단 NRF

Paper accepted: Current Opinion in Structural Biology

Paper accepted: Journal of Chemical Theory and Computation

Cool 1 µs/day folding simulations on desktop!

We're furnishing our lab with workstations powered by water-cooled RTX 2080 ti GPU cards. Water-cooled RTX 2080 ti (temperature below 50℃) is twice faster than air-cooled GTX 1080 ti (temperature over 80℃). See our benchmark page for details.

Earned huge supercomputer time from National Supercomputing Center!

Open positions in SKKU biophysics lab

15 Aug 2018: Our 20-node cluster is finally functional. Each node has 48-core AMD Epyc CPU and 2 Nvidia 1080Ti GPU cards.